the rundown
Once you submit a photo reference (the higher the quality, the better!) and full payment, it takes 1-2
weeks for your custom(!)
illustration to be completed + sent to your (digital) doorstep. 
Interested? Click here under the subject line "Commission!" to get started.
illustration of a woman with a crescent moon earring
the process
1. You submit a photo you'd like illustrated, along with full payment. 
2. After being approved, payment is processed and I begin drafting your illustration - the drafting stage typically takes 1-2 weeks to fully complete.
3. Your illustration is drawn, anointed with pixie dust, and signed.
4. You recieve an email with a digital copy of your new(!) illustration. 
5. Have an edit in mind? Email for additional tweaks (charges apply), to change the background color, or even add bright green sparkles to your portrait's eyebrows. (We won't judge your taste. Promise.)
Digital portraits are $75 USD. Additional detailing following the illustration's completion are negotiable.  Payment must be made in full before beginning the illustration. Paypal is accepted.
Portrait of a woman in pink
the nitty gritty
You have a new illustration! Hooray! You now have rights to print + post your new piece.
No, you can't say you drew the illo (as tempting as that might be). Credit - whether or not you show the signature - still applies to the illustrator.
I retain the rights to publicize and/or edit the illustration (unless otherwise specified). Illustrations are not open for commercial use - email for commercial projects separately.