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Deema Alawa is a Philly-based illustrator passionate about print design and imaginative illustration. Her work as a visual storyteller draws from her dual Syrian-Danish heritage, contemporary art, and eclectic design. 


Before tumbling into editorial and print design, they served as Creative Director at The Tempest, cultivating the brand’s forward-thinking identity. Deema has since collaborated with, among others, Sephora, Kastor & Pollux, and Penguin Random House, bringing stories to life through an imaginative lens. Deema’s work has been featured on Arab AmericaPuffin, Bryn Mawr College, and Young Muslim Writers Awards, among others.

☞ Available for commercial, editorial, design, and illustration.

☞ Available for private commissions here.


CV available upon request.                                                       



Penguin Random House

The Tempest

Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Adolescent Content

Yes! Magazine

RIT Dubai


Kastor & Pollux


Arab America Magazine

Puffin Books

Headscarves & Hardbacks

Women Who Draw

Feminist Giant

Big Issue

The Muslim Vibe

Undertone Magazine

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