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Deema Alawa is an Philly-based illustrator passionate about print design and imaginative illustration. Her work as a visual storyteller draws from her dual Syrian-Danish heritage, contemporary art, and eclectic design.


Before tumbling into editorial and print design, they served as Creative Director at The Tempest, cultivating the brand’s forward-thinking identity. Deema has since collaborated with, among others, Sephora, Kastor & Pollux, and Penguin Random House, bringing stories to life through an imaginative lens. Deema’s work has been featured on Arab AmericaPuffin, Bryn Mawr College, and Young Muslim Writers Awards, among others.


CV available upon request.                                                       


Bryn Mawr College


Arab America Magazine



Penguin Random House

The Tempest

Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Adolescent Content

Yes! Magazine

RIT Dubai

Puffin Books

Headscarves & Hardbacks

Women Who Draw

Feminist Giant

Big Issue

The Muslim Vibe

Undertone Magazine


Kastor & Pollux

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